Join Navy Exam Information About Joining the Pakistan Navy After Matric

Over the contempo years, the amount of candidates absorbed in abutting Pakistan Navy. Unfortunately, abounding humans do not apperceive the action of abutting the Navy. One affair about the fleet is that the admiral cede their lives for the nation and their families. You can accompany the force in three stages namely afterwards matric, average and graduation. To accept how to accompany the fleet afterwards matric, apprehend through the afterward advice accent below.In accustomed situations, afterwards matric candidates accompany the force as sailors. Soon afterwards a alternation of training sessions which goes up to two years, the candidates are now delegated to assorted posts such as PN Cadet for Permanent Commission. Recruitment of the afterwards matric candidates is appear alert a year. Afterwards matric candidates can administer altered stages of their lives. That is, they administer whenever they feel. This agency that, there is a little or no affair for the age of the candidate.

There are assorted branches candidates can accompany afterwards the training session. They can accompany the Pak Fleet as a accumulation admiral in the SSC department. Added branches cover the medical, apprenticeship and abyssal engineering.Eligibility

The candidates have to be citizens of Pakistan.

The minimum age is 16 years admitting the best is 35 years.

The accepted acme for the candidates is 5′ 4″.

The applicant have to be unmarried.The acceptance processAll afterwards matric candidates are appropriate to aggregate appliance forms from the argosy authoritative centers. The continuance for appliance is consistently given. This implies that they are declared to ample the anatomy and acknowledgment it to the authoritative offices aural the accustomed time. You will be appropriate to pay a non-refundable allotment fee.The candidates are alleged aloft for antecedent acceptance test. They are accustomed a sitting assay which goes for 2½ hours. Afterwards this paper, the candidates are handed a 2-hour intelligence test. In case a applicant is shortlisted in an able test, they are handed an bookish analysis for the science group. All candidates shortlisted in the bookish tests are assuredly accustomed an arts accumulation test.

Upon afterwards in the aloft tests, the candidates are subjected to a basic medical test. This is meant to ensure that the candidates are medically fit and up to the task. Candidates who has bloom problems are discontinued from the force.All candidates who successively go through the medical analysis are now accustomed a concrete exercise test. This is a aggressive analysis area unfit individuals are alone from the force. Activities cover the active contest a part of added sports.Final accommodation on the called candidates to accompany the fleet is done by NHQ through the final interview.